tomandlux: So lux is as good (bad) as her mother at singing @louteasdale #samsmith #staywithme bravo lux you even made up yer own lyrics. Check it out @flackcaroline x


Fun Facts about being a Harry Girl #6

  • me: ...Oh look! Jay's wedding pictures.
  • me: Liam looks so fancy!
  • me: Niall looks so cute!
  • me: God, Louis. Killing humanity with that outfit!
  • me: Where the hell is Zayn?
  • me: Who's that guy in the fedora hat?
  • me: Oh.
  • me: Ooooooh. Obviously.
  • me: Unbuttoned shirt, really, Harold?
  • me: I'm okay. I'm fine. I can take it.
  • me: Oh another Harry photo.
  • me: What's up with the gum chewing?
  • me: Oh, look, I can see the butterfly completely now.
  • me: Yeap, there goes my panties.
  • me: What's up with the scarf anyway?
  • me: He should take it off.
  • brain: He should take it all off.
  • me: No, brain, you are NOT going there again.
  • brain: He should wear only the scarf.
  • me: For God's sake, brain!
  • brain: ...
  • me: Thank you.
  • brain: ...
  • me: ...
  • brain: ...Remember that pool picture with his shorts almost showi...?
  • me: GOD DAMMIT